This blog is about two older Australians (well one is a kiwi who now considers himself half and half) who wanted to document their big trek around Aussie for relatives to follow our progress and help others who are planning a similar trip. We left on 31st January 2015 and got back home after around 16 months. We had an amazing time exploring this huge and fascinating country.

Join us as we both write about our experiences, review caravan parks, free camping sites, towns, events and the equipment and accessories we use in our van and tow vehicle. You can also view some of the hundreds of photos we took and this might help inspire you.

We have since downsized to a cute little ’94 Viscount poptop which we have extensively renovated and upgraded for free camping so we can have more adventures a little closer to home. There are plenty of magical places yet to see and we plan on seeing as many – and writing about – as we can.

Andy is in the process of writing some eBooks which will be available here soon for those who are getting ready to ‘do the big lap’ or just want some information on prepping their caravan or motorhome to get ready to ‘hit the road’.

Recent Posts

  • Return to the Outback

Return to the Outback

  • March 28th, 2016

Leaving Echuca we headed straight west through the interesting Victorian towns of Boort, with it’s delightful sculptures […]

  • Rivers and Ancient Lakes

Rivers and Ancient Lakes

  • March 9th, 2016

On our way back to the river region we passed through Orrorroo, a small town with some interesting features including a […]

  • The Gawler Ranges Region

The Gawler Ranges Region

  • February 26th, 2016

Northwards in the centre of the Eyre Peninsula we found a great free camp at Minnipa which was close enough to the Gawler Ranges […]

  • The Eyre Peninsula

The Eyre Peninsula

  • February 26th, 2016

Arriving in South Australia our first stop was a beautiful camp spot at Perlubie Beach, at the north end of Streaky Bay. Streaky Bay is very […]