This is our final blog post from Queensland. We head for the Northern Territory next and we back tracked towards Normanton turning off at the Burke & Wills roadhouse (where we free camped opposite the dusty campground – cheeky) to go via Gregory Downs to stay at Adels Grove and visit Lawn Hill NP. The road was sealed until halfway from Gregory to Adels Grove, the remainder very badly corrugated but after shaking and rattling we pulled into the Grove. School holidays were on, and the Grove area of the campground was packed like sardines. Fortunately, we were given a nice spot on high ground looking towards the shady grove. The grove is a gorgeous place with palms and shady trees surrounding a glorious creek, beach area and swimming hole.

Early the next morning we drove the 12kms over more badly corrugated road to Lawn Hill Gorge NP. We walked to the beautiful gorge with waterfalls and people paddling canoes up and down the river. We had intended to return by the easy track that we had walked in by, but someone got us lost (Andy took a wrong turn) and we ended up walking the 1.8kms long way back up and down the steep, “difficult” track. We had to have plenty of rest stops and water to cope but we did get to see a magnificent view of the gorge!

After 3 days at the Grove we headed back on the same road, this time spending the night at the free camp at Terry Smith lookout on the way back to Cloncurry. Driving early morning we saw many red kangaroos and black eagles about. Then, calling back into Mt Isa and after picking up groceries we continued on to spend our last night in Queensland at a spectacular billabong just outside Camoweal where the brolgas danced and preened and pelicans flew in flocks to feed at the billabong.

We realised that we had spent nearly 4 months in this big Queensland state. We have travelled across and seen a lot of it from the south, west, east, north and back again and enjoyed it immensely. We waved goodbye to Queensland a few minutes after leaving Camoweal the next morning and shortly afterward when we saw our first ‘130km/h’ speed sign we said to each other ‘ok, this is different’, we must be in the Northern Territory! Yes, a new state/territory and many more adventures to have!