Driving through WA during September and October we saw some magnificent flora areas rich with variety and colour. Starting at the Bungle Bungles in the Kimberlies,travelling westward to the coast of Broome, north to Cape Leveque, out to Steep Point in the west, then south to Kalbarri and Geraldton and east to Kalgoorlie, we have seen the natural beauty of a large variety of wildflowers in bloom.

Carpets of white, yellow and blue Everlasting Daisies, velvet covers of the purple and cream Mulla Mulla and paddocks of yellow and pink groundcovers made us feel that we were driving through the world’s largest botanical garden. The many varieties of flowering banksia, grevillias, hakeas and wattles created a stunning sight against the brightness of the deep blue skies. Low natural shrubs and clumps of plants in full red, purple or yellow flower lined the roads and highways wherever we drove.

The most exciting flower to find was the Sturt Desert Pea with its’ scarlet red clusters. The most unique wildflower was the Wreath flower, that grow at the side of the roads in the red dirt but produce a beautiful wreath shape of delicate flowers. Fortunately, although it was the beginning of October and WA had an early wet season, we found some still flowering at Pindar. The most beautiful were the carpets of flowers that spread into fields under the trees and beside the roadway. The most amazing were the gardens of colour and variety that spread out as if they were plantings in a carefully planted garden.

The calls to stop the car and caravan at a moment’s notice in order to capture a photo or climb out to have a closer look became easier for Andy after weeks of endurance that followed Carolyne’s first squeal of excitement at spotting the Sturt Desert Pea. He even started to take photos himself as Carolyne’s enthusiasm became infectious!

Here’s a small selection of the best wildflower photos we took.