Relaxation in the Heat – Staying put a while

We arrived at ‘The World’ (what Charters Towers was called back in the gold rush days) and immediately loved the town and the area. Originally, we planned to free camp somewhere but after some thought, called into Bivouac Junction campground and somehow one night turned into 7… Joe has a great campground and our […]

Seeing Outback Aussie through a mesh hat

Flies, flies and more flies. We were warned that outback Queensland this time of year would be bad for the little critters. They weren’t wrong. Damn things manage to find you with seconds of leaving the car or the caravan and make a beeline for any orifice they can find. We bought a couple […]

Where the Desert Meets the Channel Country

We arrived in the small settlement of Windorah and I expected it to be more like Quilpie for some reason – nope, it’s much smaller with a single lady police officer ( who gave us sensible advice to call someone to let them know we are driving to Birdsville tomorrow and to call her […]

Paroo Shire : An interesting area

After we managed to prise ourselves out of the pool and leave Kidman’s we continued our trek westwards and headed for Cunnamulla a small town famous for the ‘Cunnamulla Fella’ that Slim Dusty wrote a song about. WikiCamps had very positive reviews of Warrego Riverside Park so we pulled in and were warmly welcomed […]

Headin’ for the real Outback

Still very hot weather and we breezed through the wee town of Wee Waa (see what I did there? … nevermind), not finding much to impress and after a lunch stop and pow wow, we made the decision to press on toward Bourke. Maybe you are getting the idea now that travel plans are […]

Summer Heat in Northern NSW

Our time at Cranky Rock was hot, but for some reason it didn’t seem to bother us too much. We had a great spot near trees and there was a breeze now and then to keep the temp reasonably pleasant – following the ‘lunchtime siesta’ routine helped of course too! Our next free camp […]

On the Road… at last!

Our first 1000km mark was reached as we drove through the beautiful country around Inverell yesterday. We had started slowly by spending 3 days free camping at Lake Macquarie at a great place called Mayuna Bay, checking everything worked at it should and finding new homes for gear that needed easier access (or needed […]