Lithium vs AGM Batteries – which is best?

This would be the most often asked question on camping groups and pages and the answers given by commenters range from sensible to downright uninformed and silly.
So I feel it’s a good time to provide intelligent information – especially as Spring is approaching and many are getting ready to install or upgrade their batteries. […]

Caravan & Motorhome toilets

Let’s talk about the topic we don’t like to discuss but we all need when travelling – the loo.
When free camping or staying somewhere that has no public toilets, this essential facility is as important as the availability of drinking water as it limits how long we can stay at a particular campsite. When […]

Victron Blue Smart Charger review

These are difficult times and most of us aren’t using our vehicles nearly as much as we used to. It’s easy to forget about the batteries – both the starting kind and our ‘house’ batteries that provide our caravans, campers and motorhomes with power when we need it. If they aren’t maintained and kept […]

The Electrical Guide is Here!

Here is a list of chapters in the guide and the beginning text of each. Most chapters also have a ‘Going Deeper’ section below with more technical details and information. […]

Problems / Solutions / Great Ideas

It’s been a while since I wrote about our trip preparations and a couple of people who visit the blog have mentioned that they are about to do a similar trip to us, so I’ll write a quick summary of problems / solutions / great ideas etc.
Problem 1:  The Fridge. This has finally been […]

Decisions, decisions…

One of the first decisions to make when embarking on a ‘life on the road’ is what vehicle(s) to buy. Do you get a motorhome, caravan, poptop or camper trailer or even just buy a car and stay in B&B’s maybe?
We divided the options up into two to start. We discounted the car/B&B idea […]