Lithium vs AGM Batteries – which is best?

This would be the most often asked question on camping groups and pages and the answers given by commenters range from sensible to downright uninformed and silly.
So I feel it’s a good time to provide intelligent information – especially as Spring is approaching and many are getting ready to install or upgrade their batteries. […]

Simple Caravan Airconditioner installation

Now we own an older poptop without airconditioning the better half and I decided this wasn’t going to be good if we spent time in the van in the heat of summer.
We had previously taken our portable unit away and I had tried to get the hot air exhaust out of the van – […]

How to monitor your battery systems

Most modern caravans and campers have some kind of monitoring meters installed from new, but for older models, 4x4s and those installing new systems often want to be able to check how their batteries and solar chargers are performing. I often see questions posted on social media platforms like Facebook, asking about the best […]

Doing it Yourself – It’s Easier than you Think

I’m sure many of you are saying, ‘sure easy for you with your experience’, but honestly you would be surprised how simple it can be to install your own DC electrical gear in your van, 4X4 or camper. If you are reasonably skilled with a screwdriver and a cordless drill, you don’t really need […]

Victron Blue Smart Charger review

These are difficult times and most of us aren’t using our vehicles nearly as much as we used to. It’s easy to forget about the batteries – both the starting kind and our ‘house’ batteries that provide our caravans, campers and motorhomes with power when we need it. If they aren’t maintained and kept […]

Kings 60l Fridge Review and install

Finally got around to writing about the latest additions and updates on our tow vehicle, a 2010 NT Pajero. After we sold our big van and bought a poptop (as a do-up that we had thought about selling but ended up loving it so much we kept it) we decided that getting a portable […]

The Electrical Guide is Here!

Here is a list of chapters in the guide and the beginning text of each. Most chapters also have a ‘Going Deeper’ section below with more technical details and information. […]

Here’s an easy way to monitor your 12V battery

Some modern battery chargers, like the Victron Blue series which I fitted to charge the caravan battery from the mains, have […]