Here’s an easy way to monitor your 12V battery

Some modern battery chargers, like the Victron Blue series which I fitted to charge the caravan battery from the mains, have […]

Get this handy laptop charger when travelling

It’s a good idea to use as many 12 volt appliances when travelling as you can, especially when free camping because it means you don’t need […]

Problems / Solutions / Great Ideas

It’s been a while since I wrote about our trip preparations and a couple of people who visit the blog have mentioned that they are about to do a similar trip to us, so I’ll write a quick summary of problems / solutions / great ideas etc.
Problem 1:  The Fridge. This has finally been […]

Worth every cent : Clearview Mirrors

I had been ‘hinting’ to Carolyne for some time that I was concerned about the mirror setup on the Pajero. We have the ‘clip on’ type mirrors, which are a pain to setup correctly (and securely – we’ve had them fall off before, luckily they weren’t damaged) and preventing them from folding back whenever a truck passed would have involved duct tape or some other Heath Robinson contraption.
We had seen on other forums how popular […]

Project 4 : Bike Rack

The idea of parking the van and riding our new bikes into the local towns for a meal or just to sightsee really appealed to us, so the Avanti ‘step-thru’ bikes we had bought some time ago had to be carried both on the caravan and on the back of the car ideally also. […]

Project 3: Rear van shelf

We had seen many caravans with rear storage shelving installed for jerrycans etc, so we decided to get a local welding company to fabricate something to suit the Ranger.

We were aware of the need to keep the rear overhang weight down, so our local bloke made a shelf from light sheet steel with reinforcing […]

Project 2 : Caravan Electrics

We had decided before we bought our new caravan that we wanted to free camp as much as possible so a good electrical system was a must do. Our Ranger had a fairly basic set up with a Setec (not C-Tek) 240V power supply / charger and a plain old wet cell battery incorrectly mounted […]

Andy’s Project 1 : Move the Microwave

Carolyne is a little ‘vertically-challenged’ and the microwave oven in our new Ranger van was mounted far too high for her to use safely, so she asked me to sort this out as one of my first projects.
The plan was to somehow shift it below the original shelf – but how to securely mount it without resorting to wall brackets which are a major problem to mount in an aluminium-framed van with thin plywood walls. After much thought, I decided to try using threaded rods to ‘hang’ a shelf below the cupboard and brace it to the wall beside the fridge and the end result was very successful. […]