Problems / Solutions / Great Ideas

It’s been a while since I wrote about our trip preparations and a couple of people who visit the blog have mentioned that they are about to do a similar trip to us, so I’ll write a quick summary of problems / solutions / great ideas etc.
Problem 1:  The Fridge. This has finally been […]

Worth every cent : Clearview Mirrors

I had been ‘hinting’ to Carolyne for some time that I was concerned about the mirror setup on the Pajero. We have the ‘clip on’ type mirrors, which are a pain to setup correctly (and securely – we’ve had them fall off before, luckily they weren’t damaged) and preventing them from folding back whenever a truck passed would have involved duct tape or some other Heath Robinson contraption.
We had seen on other forums how popular […]

Finally. Success!

It’s been a long time, a fair bit of lost sleep but we have finally won with the Pajero rust problem. If you aren’t up with the problems, here’s a quick recap: We discovered rust at the top of the rear doors of our 2010 Pajero and soon found out it was a known […]

Damn. Bit of a setback…

Well, we had our new tow vehicle, a 2010 Mitsubishi Pajero diesel for two weeks, took it for a drive to Canberra to see how it went when – bang – an idiot somehow didn’t see us stopped at the lights and ran into the back of us doing around 50km/h.
No injuries luckily – we were hit by a Prado which isn’t a light vehicle, so we are impressed with the Pajero’s toughness. […]