FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What’s in the guide?
The guide covers all aspects of electrical installations in motorhomes, caravans, campers and 4X4 vehicles. The basics of DC power, wiring methods, safety, batteries, solar, charging plus fridges, inverters, generators and much more including example circuit diagrams are discussed and explained.

What are your qualifications?
I have 20+ years working in the telecoms industry installing/maintaining DC power systems plus I completely refitted our near new caravan with dual batteries/chargers and have upgraded other vans.

How secure is your site to buy the guide?
This site uses ‘https:’ (the padlock in the bar above) which means your entire time here is secure. I use PayPal as it protects us both or you can choose the ‘Manual Payment’ option and pay me directly by banking transfer (you receive an email with the bank details). You will then receive an email with the download link once the payment arrives in our bank account. Also, when you click the ‘Checkout with PayPal’ button you are passed onto the PayPal site and no details are provided to me from PayPal other than the sale has completed and your email address so your guide eBook can be sent to you.

Does the guide apply to NZ as well as Australia (or other countries)?
Yes, certainly. Products mentioned are available in both countries and the only difference relates to a discussion of mains power connections but as this is a DC guide it isn’t relevant to low voltage wiring. The DC parts of the guide – which is the main content – applies to other countries as well. Many of the products mentioned or recommended are also available in many other countries. Do check for legal requirements/laws affecting working on RV DC power before undertaking any work in NZ or elsewhere.

Can I see a preview of the eBook?Yes! here are some sample pages for you to view – eBook preview