Our ‘Big Lap’ Route

Here are our route maps for the entire trip – the bottom map is the oldest part of the trip, the top the last. We left the home on 31st January 2015 and arrived back in Sydney mid May 2016. We have marked as many of the landmarks and ‘detours’ that we have been to that we can remember (and can find!). The green pin is the starting point, the black one is the last on each map. Note that this icon blogposticonmeans there is a blog post written about this area – click to read it. You can follow us as we go now as it is being updated regularly and the top map is the current map of where we are.

NOTE: You can use your mouse to click on and move the map around and your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in and out to see the names of the places etc. Also click on the far right icon at the top of a map to view a larger map full screen.