I’m sure many of you are saying, ‘sure easy for you with your experience’, but honestly you would be surprised how simple it can be to install your own DC electrical gear in your van, 4X4 or camper. If you are reasonably skilled with a screwdriver and a cordless drill, you don’t really need a lot more to ‘roll your own’ setup.

Our son wouldn’t mind me relating parts of his story here – he’s a resourceful bloke who would have been the first to admit that electricity was (like his mum) a mystery. Well, to be honest, my dear wife believes the fairies do all the work and whenever I mention the subject I get her usual line, ‘la la la don’t tell me I never understood it in school and I don’t want to know now!’.

He stalks YouTube for answers whenever he doesn’t believe what the old feller tells him, but to his credit, he’s very good at ensuring he understands anything related to the topic before launching into doing things. He has made a fantastic job of wiring his ute tray with a little help from me and I’m sure he’d say this – ‘if you get the knowledge first you can achieve anything’. He’s right. He also said (something along the lines but with less swearing) – ‘all those dimwits on some of the Facebook sites make me mad. If they don’t know why tell them stuff that is just their uninformed opinion!’ As I said, he did use slightly different language. But you get the picture.

Any seemingly hard job can always be broken down into simpler parts. But the first step is usually always working out what you need – solar panels, charger(s), cable, fuses, batteries – it can be a mission deciding can’t it? Sure, you can go to all the Facebook sites, watch YouTube videos and the like but what you want is a single guide to get you started. In my guide eBook I only make recommendations of devices and methods I’ve actually used. I mention other brands or alternate methods too but more importantly, I discuss what to look for in the specifications and why I use the methods I do.

I honestly believe you’d be hard pressed to find this much information in a single place. For the price of a few coffees, why not give it a try?