Clearview3I had been ‘hinting’ to Carolyne for some time that I was concerned about the mirror setup on the Pajero. We have the ‘clip on’ type mirrors, which are a pain to setup correctly (and securely – we’ve had them fall off before, luckily they weren’t damaged) and preventing them from folding back whenever a truck passed would have involved duct tape or some other Heath Robinson contraption.

We had seen on other forums how popular the Clearviews are but the cost seemed prohibitive to us – especially as we had so many other essentials to get still.

Christmas and Carolyne came to the rescue – guess what my Christmas present was this year?

They were promptly delivered by courier and after reading the instructions and watching the excellent supplied DVD I was confident I could fit them myself, but we had recently had some work done by our friendly panelbeater so I asked Aaron if he could fit them for us. This was done and we drove home delighted with the wonderful view down the sides of the car now. We tested them on our next short trip to the National Park in Sydney and they performed very well.

The only problem we had was that the driver’s side electric adjustment wasn’t working in one direction, so Clearview advised us to take them into our local 4Wd shop and the mechanic quickly identified that the plug connection to them wasn’t inserted fully. They quickly fixed this for us at no charge as they are Clearview distributors.

As you can see in the photos, Carolyne opted for the model with indicators. Our Pajero GLX doesn’t have these on the standard mirrors, but we hoped that Mitsubishi had included the connections in the door wiring loom. Sure enough, they had and the Clearview connection fitted perfectly  a real bonus when turning.


Clearview website link.