It’s been a long time, a fair bit of lost sleep but we have finally won with the Pajero rust problem. If you aren’t up with the problems, here’s a quick recap: We discovered rust at the top of the rear doors of our 2010 Pajero and soon found out it was a known problem (thanks to the Victoria Pajero Owners Club forum !). We took the car into our local dealer which was where we bought the car second hand in May this year, the service department took photos of the problem rust and asked us to get two quotes from panelbeaters for the repair work.

Both quotes stated that the doors must be replaced (as is obvious when you understand that the rust is internal to the top door frames and cannot be ‘cleaned and sealed’ as Mitsubishi Australia often like to say -more on this later) and the quotes were with $150 of each other.

Our dealer got back to us and said the MMAL (I’ll use the abbreviation from now on) needed more photos and eventually another quote from their panelbeaters. No surprise when the third quote said the same, but we were very shaken when the dealer stated that all MMAL would do was to ‘repair’ the rust but were not prepared to give a written guarantee to fix it properly if (when) the rust reappeared. Our dealer seemed to be on our side but they were not willing to shell out for the proper repairs unless MMAL reimbursed then which wasn’t surprising! When we said that we would take the matter to a Fair Trading hearing, the dealer basically said, ‘good, may be the best course of action’!

So, after filling out the online application and paying the reasonable fee (around $40), we rocked up to the hearing and the dealer simply agreed with our facts and we were given an order for the correct rust repair work to be completed in 6 weeks – too easy – well, not really we are still damn annoyed with the pig-headed attitude of MMAL, who basically were saying ‘just hold out and maybe they’ll either agree to the ‘repairs’ and then we can brush them off if the rust returns when the car’s out of warranty or they’ll give up and go away. Nope. Ain’t gonna happen sorry – have you not met Carolyne??

Anyways, we are collecting the car tomorrow, with two new doors and properly paint blended match (we hope!) so we will be confident the car will last us many more years.

Edit: January ’15: All done and looking great. Aaron did a fantastic job and we are so relieved to have a car that we have confidence should last us for many years to come.